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We provide Maritime Consultory and Advisory, Correspondents to P&I and Insurance Companies, Medical Care Assistance and Medical Examinations
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We offer you an experience with high standards of quality in any of our medical services.
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We are committed to the recovery of the health and wellness of our Crewmembers
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Business Health

We offer a service focused on business health delivering solutions in a timely manner to possible injuries and risks in the workplace…

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Crew Medical Care

We assist in a professional manner all crewmembers that present some type of injury on board the cruises…



The purpose of the PEME/REME in Chile is to effectively prevent diseases and pathologies that may affect the crew during their work…

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Maritime Consultory and Advisory

Advisory services for investments and / or implementation of operations. Excellent contacts in Central America and the Caribbean…

Correspondents of P&I and Insurance Companies

Maritime Correspondant of P&I Clubs; Owners ; assistant Medical Care Services to Cruisse Shipping Co…

Your health is our priority

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