The Peme / Reme

Our purpose of PEME/REME in Chile is to effectively prevent diseases and pathologies that may affect the Crewmembers during their future work  on board, as well as to guarantee to execute an approved protocol for examinations that allow timely detection of health conditions not compatible with the work at the Cruise Company.

These services are performed in private clinics of recognized excellence. Those clinics, which are certified and approved by the Cruises Companies, carry out the tests on standardize and well qualified place. All the procedures of preventive check exams include specialists are trained to investigate and diagnose pathologies that may mean a risk in the work on board.

MCAs Chile participates continuously with the medical team of the clinics, accompanying every Crewmember in order to improve the processes and review the documents once completed with the objective to allow the Cruise Companies to have PEME’s / REME’s timely, clear and understandable.

Your health is our priority

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